What My Customers Have To Say!

First time driving test pass for Hanna Stepena
Hanna commented…Enjoyed my lessons and would certainly recommend Pete Warren Driver Trainer.

Ed Yeomans
I would recommend Pete to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I found he was really patient, funny and good company. All the lessons were so relevant to the test. I couldn’t have done it without you Pete, thanks!

Driving test success for Christopher Blake
Fantastic instructor. Patient and thorough with his lessons, and always gently pushing toward being a better driver. Very good at putting a new driver at ease, I would highly recommend.

Kirsty Firsland
I really cannot thank Pete enough for helping me to get my confidence to do my test! I had such bad nerves he was truly amazing through everything! Always kept me calm and believed me! When i felt my worst. He never gave up on me! And today i passed my test and that was all down to Pete making me into this confident happy person! Thankyou so so much Pete! Highly recommend to everyone !¬†ūüôā

First time driving test pass for Kasia
Absolutely fantastic, friendly and very patient. Just passed my driving test with only a couple of minor faults. Would highly recommend!! Thank you so much Pete.

A great driving test pass for Collette Day
So today I passed my driving test!¬†I’m slightly (lots) in shock and lost for words and I’m currently expecting the test centre to ring me and say they’ve made a mistake!¬†I’d really like to say a massive, massive THANK YOU to¬†Pete Warren Driver Trainer¬†for his patience while teaching this old lady¬†ūüėā¬†such a fab instructor!¬†I could not have done it without you Pete ! Thank you so, so much and I’m going to miss my Mondays with you!¬†I hope I’m awake and this isn’t just a dream ….. !! xx

First Time Pass for Marceli Grabon
Thanks to¬†Pete Warren Driver Trainer¬†for everything¬†ūüėĀ 100% recommend if you wanna start driving go with Pete!

Linda commented….HAHAHAHA¬† wouldn’t¬† think I had just passed my test? I look miserable lol. Thank you so much Pete, I really couldn’t¬† of done it without you. I am definitely¬† going to miss our lessons and putting the world to rights lol. Honestly couldn’t of asked for a better instructor. x

Holly Chilton
Without Pete I probably wouldn’t of passed he was calm and understanding and stuck with me throughout it all. Pete is a lovely person and always goes the extra mile for you he’s funny and kind and helped me so much. After having a bad instructor first he was a breath of fresh air. He is everything you need in such an important job. Thank you for all your help and support.

Orla McKay
Absolutely loved learning to drive, and I always looked forward to every lesson! Would highly recommend¬†Pete¬†to anyone looking for an instructor! Thank you so much to Pete for getting me through! Couldn’t be happier that I’ve passed first time!¬†

Milly Vernon
Thankyou so much Pete! You helped me get that pass that I very much needed. You’ve helped me so much and of course gave me great company as well Рhighly recommend Pete, of course, as being an amazing instructor.

First time driving test pass for Lauren Stephens
Thank you Pete for helping me with my first time pass! Such a brilliant driving instructor very patient and made learning to drive a very enjoyable experience. Would highly recommend to everyone!

Passed my driving test first time this morning and I couldn’t have done it without the help of¬†Pete Warren Driver Trainer, he made learning to drive enjoyable and i highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn!

Matt Hutchison
It might of been a cold, wet, windy Monday morning, but Matt Hutchison still had a smile on his face. He had passed his driving test today on the first attempt with only 2 minor faults. Much to his relief that was no more than his sister had, Megan Hutchison when she had passed her driving test first time with Pete Warren Driver Trainer. Well done Matt, enjoy your driving.

First time Driving test pass for Jack Stephens
5 Star, So pleased that I passed first time, thanks for all your help Pete.

Tom Hodson
5 star, Actually can’t believe I’ve finally done it, such a relief, Thank you Pete for all the time you’ve put into making me ready, completely recommend.

First Time pass for William Peters
5 Star, I’m sure most people know that I rarely share the stuff my kids do, but can’t miss this opportunity to congratulate youngest son William on passing his driving test first time just 3 and a bit months after his 17th birthday. Well done son. Very proud of you, and a BIG “THANK YOU” to Pete Warren Driver Trainer who has now taught both my son’s to drive, and would defiantly recommend to anyone thinking of taking up driving lesson’s

First Time Pass For Chris Sutherland
5 star: Big thank you to Pete Warren for all the hard work, excellent result, first time pass, and I will be recommending you, defiantly. Cheers.

Francesca Smith
5 Star, If you couldn’t tell from the picture I’m am literally the happiest person in the world right now! I finally finally finally passed my test and for anyone who has been following my driving experience up to now knows how relieved and happy I am now. Thank you so much to Pete who has been an absolute hero and has stuck with me and been so patient and hard working. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

First time Pass for Tom Bell
5 Star, Thank you so much Pete Warren Driver Trainer! It’s been a great laugh, highly recommend, couldn’t of done it without you!

First Time Pass For Elle
Egle Lopaityte commented- 5 stars all the way. I was always so nervous about driving and cars in general , but I knew that I had to overcome my fears one day. Pete Warren is the perfect instructor. The patience and encouragement was incredible and after very little confidence in myself, I passed on the first attempt? Couldn’t be happier with the result, all thanks to Pete. I recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you Pete Warren Driver Trainer.

FIRST TIME PASS for Callum Taylor
5 star

Glen Daly
5 Star.

Driving test pass for Callum Hodge
5 Star.

Emma Fricker
5 star.

FIRST TIME PASS for Shaun Widcombe
5 Star.

First time Pass for Wojciech Wierzchleyski
5 star.

Stephanie Moulders
This description, How do you think of these Pete. Thanks for teaching us both. Was definitely a laugh. Now to try pass my brother over to you. God help you then (On behalf of Lee Cox).

FIRST TIME PASS for Nick Cooper
First of all I would like to say looking at this picture I clearly need a shave secondly I couldn’t have done it without Pete’s help the guy is absolutely amazing. His style of teaching is perfect he’s so calm and respectful of your ability I would definitely and will be recommending him to anyone who is looking to start driving. Again I can’t thank you enough cheers Pete.

5 Star.